Inspire Futsal Academy

Inspire Futsal Academy delivers weekly futsal training sessions to ages 5-16 years old. We are based in the Bromley, Kent area.

We deliver our futsal sessions at a number of venues across the South London area in different primary and secondary schools.

At Inspire Futsal Academy we focus our sessions around the 4 coaching corners.


We want all of our players to have the individual skill to dribble past opponents and the confidence to show their skills. We like players to have the ability to pass the ball around the opposition and feel comfortable on the ball. Our sessions ensure players get lots of opportunity to practice their ball mastery and all-round technical skills.


We like our players to be tested tactically, learning various positions to improve their game understanding. We feel Futsal gives so many great outcomes and helps players learn.  Futsal can be such a quick game and with lots of turnovers players will always be tested tactically.


Our sessions have a good rhythm to them where our players are tested physically. Futsal can be such a fast game, we believe it has some brilliant physical benefits to it.
The small court and the 5V5 demands players think and move faster.

Psychological & Social 

We play in the Kent Youth Futsal League and enter futsal tournaments, playing at the Copper Box and other great venues, We also play futsal friendlies giving the players the opportunity to play different teams in different surroundings.  We create a fun, safe and challenging environment where players engage with one another - we think it’s important to create a friendly place where players feel like they belong and enjoy coming to us.

Why Inspire Futsal Academy?


  • We have fantastic qualified coaches who deliver fun, creative sessions.

  • We create a warm environment where players have fun and learn. 

  • The environment is important to us and we want players to feel excited about coming to train with us.

  • We play regularly in tournaments.

  • Our network includes most of the local professional clubs and several of our players have already progressed to academies or have won trials through our regular programme of fixtures against development centres.

  • We are constantly looking for more challenges and opportunities for our players to display their talents.

  • We have sessions for players who are just starting out.  We believe that every aspiring football player can improve themselves through playing Futsal.

If you are interested interested in training with us please email



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